With the ZOMES Workshop
We offer
Practice of building of zomes
The association " The friends of the ZOMES " organize practice to learn to choose, to calculate, to draw and to construct zomes. They include therefore a theoretical party and practical activities with objective to accomplish a model of zome really.

Study and decision for a plan

If you have a plan of zome, we can study it and optimiser it with you. It will be a meeting between your wishes and possibilities that offer these volumes.
Let us make appointment and meet us. A condition: be part of association " The friends of zomes " or to become close-fitting at this instant

This meeting can take place in the head office. Or to your home, or on your ground what would allow to specify plan better. If you are in more than 40 km of the head office (Toulouse) you will have to pay of displacement (0,34 euro / km).
 At the end of meeting, they should be in time to establish quotes according to operations let in association and draw up plans.

Graphic documents for file of licence to construct
Any plan needs a licence to construct and must be in a building zone. If has more than 170 m2 of the surfaces of floors, he must pass by an architect. If having made less than 20 m2, a working statement in town hall will be enough (in France).  To acquire a licence to construct for a zome is sometimes delicate; we can recommend you and sometimes accompany you in your steps to administrations. File of licence or statement need graphic documents.  Vyou can make it yourselves or entrust us this task. We ask for it for an inclusive sum of 20 euros/sqm for a lower plan in 40 m2 and 15 euro s/sqm for an upper size.

Zomes sold in kit
We can fabricate at request the structure of a zome, accompanied with a notice of assemblage with plans of the zome, of its parties and the platform or slab to be accomplished as foundation, and an element of every
type already taken up. It's the most economic expression.
It will be necessary you to transport the whole, to reconstruct elements and to take up structure. This operation is accomplishable for a small structure, but asks for a certain experience for the biggest.

Manufacture and assemblage of structures on site - Help in do-it-yourself
According to what you know how to make or can make, the friends of zomes can accompany you in the assemblage of your building. If this plan is important or asks others means that those whom have the association, a help will be able to be asked a competent firm.
According to the type of zome, the size or complicacy and asked operations, quotes will be established.
Calculation, manufacture and assemblage of a zome on its site being specific operations in these volumes, lassociation considers that a zome is accomplished when his structure goes up and the purpose achieved. So outside or internal covering of these volumes, and the operations of second work are left for constructor or of local artisans.
A zome being one " power structure " which takes of energy and wishes of the one who constructs it, il  seems in that the owner pays of his person and gives its building  at the farthest of its possibilities.