The word mandala is resulting from Sanskrit and means circle, territory, and by extension drawing in round.
It is in all the civilisations, distributing its elements in the plan around a center.
Elements primarily symbolics being distributed harmoniously in the drawing, image of the universe

Various mandalas, traditional or recent, colored or created by sands of colors 

Mandalas decorative (but supports of meditation)

Mandalas traditionnels (amérindiens et tibétains)

 Mandalas to be colored

Traditional Tibetans  Mandalas  (thangka)

Mandalas, geometrical projections of the zomes 5,6,7,8 and 12. 
Zomes can be perceived as of the mandalas which develop in space
With  images of those of LAMA, a boudhist
community in the Sangre de Cristo mountain  (New Mexico)
They are these zomes which inspired my orientation. 

Kitchen and dining room above 

A glazing

Glazing of bath room