Zomes Workshop

jean soum

Contact :

T. 06 06 40 42 67

Concepteur of zomes since 1977

I discovered zomes at the end of 1975 in a travels in USA and developed this concept in France, having discovered mathematical expressions yo build them. And for more than 35 years, I conceive, construct or accompany the building of geodesic cupolas and zomes.  I could
     - display the geometry of zomes in symposiums
     - to produce research reports
             "De la géométrie et de la réalité des zomes" (1989)
              "De la thermique d'un zome" (1995)
- to give lectures, participated in programs of radio
- write and edit books
                 " Le dôme, habiter le rond" (2010)                
                  "Le zome, vivre sous une belle étoile" (2010)
                  "Le mystérieux nombre d'or" (2012)
- write (with Olivier Dauch and Evelyne Adam)
                  "Construire en rond" Editions Eyrolles (2010)  

 Chair of the association "Les amis des Zomes"