Zomes Workshop
"Les amis des Zomes"
Founded in February 2009 for, according to its statutes (extracts)

This association is aimed: promotion and broadcasting of building called " Zomes " and of l 'habitat bioclimatic.

The association devotes itself as means of action
    - research and expérimentation in architectural forms and in structures,
    - editing and broadcasting of books or booklets,
   - organisation of practice, the keeping of conferences, participation on meetings or symposiums,
  - the permanent or occasional sale of any products or services entering as part of his object or likely to contribute to its realization.

Contact :

T. 06 06 40 42 67

In accordance with these statutes and in extension of actions qu 'elle it has already led, offers

montage de zome

     - to organize practices of building and of participative construction sites,
    - to work in the building of zomes, since comprehension and calculation of their elements toward their installation on the places of their establishment,
by accompanying the interested selfconstructors,
- recommend these to the finish of their project.